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A modern, very fragrant and aromatic GIN, produced from the distillation of 12 botanicals. Contrary to most of the "Flavoured" Gin,  which have a candy flavor and result very sweet,  the Pink Robin retains the dry characteristic of a classic London Dry Gin, and therefore can be used even for classical cocktails like Dry Martini and Negroni.


Nose - On the nose, the Pink Robin is spicy and are perceptible the classic aromas of juniper mixed with the fruity and harsh notes of Aronia with a subtle scent of lavender and citrus

Palate - On the palate its taste explodes in juniper, pepper and fresh coriander, then turns into bitter with herbaceous notes, which are well balanced with the fresh notes of citrus fruits

Finish - Aromatic with notes of almond and red fruits.

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Most of the botanicals that we use are organic and sourced locally, like the Croatian Juniper considered one of the best of the world and used by many famous gin producers of Gin.

In addition to the „classic 4“, Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Angelica and Orris roots), there are:

-3 different types of pepper (Cubeb Pepper, Paradise Grains, Monk`s Pepper) which give a spicy touch;

-3 citrus (Bitter Orange  flowers, Grapefruit and Lemon peel), which make Pink Robin especially suitable for refreshing Cocktails;

-Lavender flowers, cultivated in our garden, which give a fragrant fresh note;

-Almonds, which give body to the Gin balancing the more spicy and aromatic notes.

Once distilled, the GIN is left for a month in infusion with Aronia berries, which in addition to a very special aroma (a mixture of red raspberries, citrus and tannins) give the special (not garish) purple red/ pink color.

NO essence, artificial colorants or sweeteners are used before or after the distillation

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