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An exquisite Amaretto made from hazelnuts, inspired by the traditional Vrsar/Oresara amaretti. Unlike the classic almond-based recipe, our unique twist on Amaretto brings a rich and nutty flavor that pays homage to the beautiful region of Vrsar.

Crafted with the finest hazelnuts, our Amaretto features the warm and inviting notes of roasted nuts, perfectly balanced with the sweetness of bourbon vanilla and the depth of cocoa beans. This unique blend creates a smooth, full-bodied liqueur that delights the palate with its harmonious and complex flavors.

Perfect for sipping neat, mixing into cocktails, or adding a luxurious touch to your desserts.


25,00 €Preis
  • 50 cl and 20cl, 28% Vol.

  • Shipment within EU by courier, transit time 7-14 business days.

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